The 4 Week Health Kickstarter

Jump off the diet train and take your health into your own hands!


Are you ready to take your health into your own hands?

Are you ready to take your health into your own hands and get off the endless diet train?

Have you tried every diet under the sun? 

You've slaved away in hot yoga classes, flipped tires at Crossfit, and danced your booty off at Zumba? 

I'm sure you've tried it all, and nothing has worked. 

​The answer is simple, but also so painful: diets and fitness trends don't work. They rely on the "eat less, exercise more" strategy that we've been doing for decades, and yet we are getting bigger and sicker. They are short term fixes, not long term solutions. They may get you into the dress you want to wear this summer for a wedding, but they won't make you feel comfortable in your own skin. They won't help with your bloated belly, your skin breakouts or your low energy levels. In order to help you feel vibrant and alive we need to look deeper. You need to understand your body, how it works, and how it tries to protect you at all times. Your body never works against you. It never piles on the pounds out of spite but to make sure you stay alive. 


​I struggled for 10 years with my weight, my body, my looks. I kept jumping from one diet to the next, hoping to drop a dress size, and instead I continuously gained more weight. I exercised for up to 10 hours a day (while studying full time, working part-time, and still needing some sleep!). And yet, the pounds just kept piling on. I took a hard look at what I was eating, and realized that what mainstream nutrition was teaching me just wasn't working. I was eating less calories, burning more calories, and still gaining weight. What was the puzzle piece?


My body wasn't designed to eat low fat fruit yogurts, fat free jello cups or sugar free cookies. It was meant to eat whole foods. Real foods. Foods that were grown, not made in a plant. Once I stopped the diets, stopped the crazy exercising, and started cooking real food for myself, the weight came off. The skin cleared up. The energy sky rocketed. And I felt so good in my own body. Not because I was fitting into a dress size I had dreamed of for so long, but because it actually felt good to live in my body. And you know the best thing? I have not wasted a single day since then obsessing about what I was allowed to eat, the size of my thighs, or the calories in that piece of cake. 


How the 4 Week Health Kickstarter is different from any other nutrition program and diet book out there:​

In the 4 week Health Kickstarter program I have combined all that knowledge into a super easy course for you. This program teaches you about your body so that you can make the best decisions for yourself, it is not a diet book. Of course I could just ask you to eat a certain way. You would probably follow it to a T for a couple of days and then slowly fall back into your old habits. Unless you understand what your body wants and needs, you're not going to change your habits. We need pleasure, we need to enjoy the process, and we can only do that if we have knowledge. Applying your new knowledge is power and that will change your life. 

In the 4 week Health Kickstarter you will learn why calorie counting is useless. You will learn what foods are made of, how they function in your body, and how to add more nutrients into your diet to make you feel alive. Every week you will get new recipes to try out, new ingredients to play with, and new tips and tricks to implement into your daily life.

The 4 week Health Kickstarter program is by far my most popular program for a reason: it gets results that last a lifetime. You can adapt this program to any way that you are currently eating, you can use it for your whole family, and it considers real life eating out scenarios, and making the best choices you can. 

Included in your 4 Week Health Kickstarter are:

100+ video lessons

Throughout the 4 Weeks you will receive video lessons breaking down everything you need to know in the nutrition world from what calories actually are to how protein builds muscles in our body. 

The videos are between 1-10 minutes so you can consume the content in small little bites. 

4 ebooks with 40 recipes

Knowing how to eat is one thing, but what to actually prepare for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day is a whole other component to taking your health into your own hands. Each week you will receive an ebook with delicious recipes for the topic of the week. All recipes are kept plant-based and gluten-free but you can bring in animal products and gluten if you like (and yes, I will answer all of your questions around gluten, too!). 

Live Q&A calls with me!

Every 2 weeks there is a live Q&A call with me where you get to ask all of your burning questions around your own health. Here is the thing, if you are thinking or experiencing it, someone else will likely be, too. 

2 bonus weeks

Get access to 2 bonus weeks:

Prep Week to get your mindset and your kitchen ready.

Final Bonus Week to understand your cravings and curb them once and for all. 

"I have never thought about my health in a way that I have control over it. I saw a video of Martina a couple of months ago where she talked about how genes don’t define our health and that was the biggest aha-moment ever. I always thought I was bound to get the same breast cancer that runs in my family. Then I realized that I have control over my genes and my health. I signed up for the health kickstarter program and it has been eye-opening every day. I am walking away feeling empowered, in control, 7.5lbs lighter, and a lot healthier inside. I sleep better, my skin has cleared, and I am feeling energetic throughout the day. Who knew that the foods we eat have such an impact on us? I surely didn’t!""

Sarah P.
Mother of 3, wifey to 1, and self-employed accountant whiz

4 Week Health Kickstarter

Jump off the diet train and take your health into your own hands!


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