Bounce 2020

Come and bounce with me to feel alive!


Are you ready to have fun while you move your whole body?

Who has time to find childcare, leave work on time, and beat traffic to get to a group class?

Since my daughter came into my life I have no time for anything anymore, and so the only way I can fit a workout in is by moving at home. And yes... that can be very difficult because motivation is low, lack of sleep is real, and who even knows what to do once the mat is rolled out? It is so much more tempting to sit with my cup of tea and scroll through social media in peace. 

That is why I have made it my mission to create fun exercise videos that you can do at home in your messy living room with your kids running around you. And trust me, for this trampoline workout they are going to want to join you! 

Bounce was my signature program back at my old Alive Shanghai studio, and not a week goes by when I don't hear from old clients who miss jumping around on the trampoline. Nothing brings a smile to your face and a sweat to your body like a trampoline does. It's super easy on your joints, it gets you lymph detox flowing which means you leave with a glow every time, and for a few minutes a day you can feel like a little child again. 

Included in the Bounce 2020 program is:

Breakdown of the entire class

Every single song and choreography is broken down into short videos for you to learn and try out at your own pace. 

The Express

The 20 minute Express is a short burst of energy with the most intense songs strung together to get the most out of the time you have. 

The Extreme

During the 40 minute Extreme all songs are played back-to-back without any intros or breaks - this is for all the advanced Bouncers out there! 

The Full Class

The 60 minute Full Class includes all the songs of the Bounce 2020 program together with the quick intros so you can remember the steps and have a moment to catch your breath. 

"I used to love Martina's Bounce classes and I am soooo excited that she has finally created a program online that I can do from home in my pajamas. I have forgotten how much fun it is to jump on a trampoline and I am finally moving my body again after 2 years post-partum. Thanks Martina for getting this mom off her butt! "

Suzanne M.
Mother of 1 crazy child

Bounce 2020

Come and bounce with me to feel alive!


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